We are a premium coworking space

Here, everyone exists together, ideas are shared and businesses flourish.

Whether you're rethinking your workspace requirements or starting your entrepreneurial journey, You need flexibility more than ever.
That's why you can book your new desk membership anytime, anywhere.
The core of Collabspace is its collaborative community that provides our members with a support system to engage and learn.

What We Offer

Private Cabins

Our fully-furnished private cabins in Gurgaon offer a well-equipped and collaborative, disturbance-free zone for entire teams to work together. Equipped with shared amenities and the best-in-class technology to skyrocket your team’s productivity, our private offices are available on flexible contracts. They are large enough to accommodate over a hundred people.

Conference Rooms

Available for booking on short notice, 24x7Workz Conference rooms in Gurgaon provide the latest video-conferencing functionalities, hi-speed Wifi, a well-stocked pantry and modern amenities. Whether you’re presenting an important proposal to a prospective client or planning a crucial board meeting, our well-appointed conference rooms on rent will set you up for success.

Cafeteria & Lounge

Our stylish and comfortable premium lounge is perfect when you need a short break. Catch up on your phone calls or network with your colleagues in a relaxed and informal atmosphere before heading back to work. The cafeteria provides high-quality beverages and food prepared with care to keep you healthy and hydrated throughout the day.

Bespoke Solutions

Are you looking to scale-up and add more desks to accommodate a larger team? Perhaps you want to scale down a bit? Our standalone workspaces work with you, giving you the flexibility to alter your setup, based on your changing business needs. State your preferences, and we’ll customise your private office to match your expectations in no time at all.

Our Services



In today’s dynamic market conditions, you require a partner co-working service provider that gets you and your business; one that responds to your evolving business needs and supports you in your decision to scale-down or scale-up. At collabspace, we give you the flexibility to choose what’s best for your business and provide optimum support throughout your journey towards success.


We want to simplify your life and ours. It’s why we maintain the utmost transparency in all our paperwork and offer easy-to-understand flexible contracts. So whether you want to rent a managed office or conference room or hire a full-service office in Gurgaon, we are there for you.


We have invested heavily on crafting workspaces that are functional, flexible and supportive of your wellbeing. From high-quality ergonomic furniture to smartly-designed workstations, our co-working spaces will keep you efficient all day without compromising on your comfort.


At collabspace, we have created a bright and positive ambience for you so you can work smart in an environment that soothes your senses, makes you enjoy your work and inspires you to excel in whatever you do. You’ll love the modern and upbeat design of our roof-top cafeteria and lounge.


Our F&B services are a class apart, making sure you are well looked after and have everything you need to focus on the work at hand. Our support staff is here to see to it that your workstations are always squeaky clean and your surroundings well maintained.


At collabspace, we have made technology easily accessible at your fingertips, so you’re always well-connected and on the go. From fast wi-fi to wireless AV conferencing to VRV air conditioning with temperature control, we’ve thought of everything!.



High Speed Internet


Tea And Coffee


24*7 Operations


VRV Air Conditioning With filtered Fresh Air


Private Cabins


Conference Rooms


Reception& Guest Lounge


Ample car parking


Meeting Rooms


Roof-Top Cafeteria

Membership And Plan

Flexible seats

  Let your ideas soar with Collabspace’ flexible seats spread across a wide, open, common area.
  Choose from a variety of ergonomically designed ‘hot desks’, set stations for the day and start working.
  Work alongside new people every day and benefit from the diversity in the community. Collaborate & network.
  Book on Monthly to yearly basis and get complimentary high speed Wi-Fi, hot beverages and printing credits of Rs 5000/-Per Month


Meeting Rooms

  Our meeting rooms can be the incubator for your next big idea.
  Host your clients inside our aesthetically designed, plush, VC enabled meeting rooms Anytime, Anywhere.
  Enjoy true hospitality with in-meeting service of tea or coffee from our pantry.
  Book on Monthly to yearly basis and get complimentary high speed Wi-Fi, hot beverages and printing credits of Rs 600/-Per Month


Fixed seats

  For those who want their personal space untouched, this is your permanent spot in a shared area.
  A fully furnished dedicated desk with a secure storage space, pin-up board and white board.
  This space is ideal for individuals and teams. You also get to collaborate with co-workers around you.
  Book on Monthly to yearly basis and get complimentary high speed Wi-Fi, hot beverages and printing credits of Rs 6500/-Per Month


Premium Cabins

  Plug & play cabins for a team of 2 - 9 to provide a focused work environment to nurture your ideas and grow your company.
  Private office with lockable cabins, drawers, storage space, pin-up boards and white boards.
  Personalize with your company logo or customize the layout to suit your work needs.
  Book on Monthly to yearly basis and get complimentary high speed Wi-Fi, hot beverages and printing credits of Rs 26000 /-Per Month


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